We help social media marketers and page owners get amazing creative visual content to post on facebook, twitter, or instagram!

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Our Story!

We cannot deny that many, if not all businesses of today rely heavily on social media for their marketing campaigns because…Why not? It’s cost-efficient, convenient, and effective if done properly.

However, between the millions of pages created throughout the world, there’s one major factor that separates the successful pages from the mediocre – that is, the quality and relatability of the content they produce! For businesses to survive online, they must attract, give value, and tell their story.

This is easy for big businesses and major corporations with established names. They simply need to rely on marketing agencies to produce their content day in and day out. But it’s not the case for up and coming businesses, startups, and SME’s such us ourselves. Hiring an agency or an in-house team to produce content is simply not within our means and budget.

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We couldn’t handle this anymore! In this day and age of social media marketing, the only thing missing for SME’s and startups is an avenue to attain good and effective social media content. The only thing missing is the ability to get original custom made content that is fresh, engaging, and relevant to your audience. The only thing missing, is Orbitrr!

What is Orbitrr?

Orbitrr helps startups, SME’s, and digital agencies get good, effective and relatable visual social media content to improve their content marketing and advertising efforts in facebook and other social media sites.

Content Marketing – A type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services.

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We focus on providing visual social media content in the form of illustrations, designs, photographs, profile banners and other visual posts for social media.

Be it an info-graphic, a short comic strip, a GIF or even a meme – Orbitrr caters to the type of content that is likable and shareable. The type of social media posts that make you laugh, cry, and think about. These are the posts that you would love to share with your family and friends! These are the types of social media posts that go viral! 

“Orbitrr is the place to get viral social media posts for your brand!”

We leverage creative crowd-sourcing to bring brands and businesses the most creative and innovative content creators out there!

Creative Crowdsourcing – Crowdsourcing creative work (CCW, also known as Creative crowdsourcing) is the process of gathering novel and useful solutions for creative tasks through an open call to the online crowd, often implemented in the form of a contest. 

Our goal is to match the business with not just any content creator, but the right content creator for the job!

Just in time for this generation’s entrepreneurship revolution, Orbitrr is targeted at startups and SME’s who need social media engagement the most. To quote Gary Vynerchuck “The next frontier of business is deploying micro content at scale”.

Content is King! And Orbitrr will be the leading source of visual content in the world!