In Orbitrr, Marketers can source good and effective Visual Social Media Content on-demand; which means, no monthly recurring fees, no fixed employment contracts, and no long term commitments!

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Orbitrr connects Marketers with Content Creators that are fit for their content marketing campaigns.

Orbitrr connects you with content creators through a four step process: Launch, Capture, Pitch, and Connect! 

Step 1: Launch

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Whenever there is a need for visual social media content, the Marketer will launch a Mission by answering a few simple questions.

This will signal the start of a new campaign.

Marketer – a startup, SME, or entrepreneur who needs Social Media Content for their brand. 

Mission – a special type of job order unique to Orbitrr that helps Content Creators understand the needs of the Marketers and their brand.

Step 2: Capture

Our large community of Content Creators will then be notified of the new Missions, review them, and decide which are the ones they’re interested in. 

Content Creator (a.k.a. Creator) – a creative individual who creates and curates content for social media marketing. 

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Step 3: Pitch


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If Creators are interested in your Mission, they will send you a Pitch, anonymously. 

The Pitch will also be accompanied by an estimated cost set by the Creator for the piece of content to be made.

Pitch – a design idea, concept, draft or wire-frame used as a means to audition and be chosen for the Mission. 

Step 4: Connect

You will receive a selection of 33 pitches to choose from, all aligned with the type of content you need as indicated in your Mission.

When one or more Pitches have been chosen, you will Connect with the respective Content Creators, they will cease to be anonymous, and a chat box will appear.

At this stage, the Marketers will be able to pay for the content they have chosen. 

Connect – the state in which a Marketer has already chosen a pitch and the Content Creator’s identity is revealed so that they may talk about revisions and finalizing the design. 

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You can expect even more features coming soon!

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We want to give you the best experience possible so you can look forward to a bunch more awesome functions that will elevate your content marketing experience!

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