Booths bustling, energetic people roaming the halls, and the smell of opportunity in the air. It was at none other than Negosyo Fair 2017! And yes, Orbitrr was there!

Last June 23, JP (our CEO), stopped by QBO Innovation Hub HQ for a random friendly visit. He was planning to just lounge around, talk to a few people, then take his leave. But through a stroke of luck and goodwill, the gracious individuals of QBO offered us a spot on the last day of Negosyo Fair. QBO already had a booth there but thought it would be a good idea to help their member startups gain exposure there as well. And what a great idea that was! For JP, what was supposedly just a casual visit on a whim turned into a great opportunity for us to showcase Orbitrr!

But there was one catch, the last day of Negosyo Fair 2017 was June 24, the next day! JP hurriedly called me up and filled me on the details. I vaguely remember our entire conversation at this point, but it was like this:

“Hey Mari, by the way, we have a booth in Megamall tomorrow!”

“Oh alright. Wait, what!? Tomorrow!?”

“Yes, we gotta be ready for tomorrow!”

We only had one afternoon to prepare, but that didn’t stop us! I quickly had some illustrations printed, made a few cutouts, pulled out our table cloth and viola! A booth was born!

Orbitrr 19400177_1903268679895794_6603118081145823604_n How Luck Brought Us to Negosyo Fair 2017 Article Events Startup  Startup QBO Orbitrr Negosyo Fair 2017 Entrepreneur Business   Orbitrr

We just had one day at Negosyo Fair 2017, so we made the best of it! We talked with a lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs and got them interested in Orbitrr (I mean, who wouldn’t be interested right?..wink wink). Plain as it was, our booth actually got quite some attention to be honest. Well, it really helps when you’re positioned right beside a giant Q-B-O sign with beanbags that really stands out in the hall.

Orbitrr 19420863_1903268646562464_246866671045890665_n How Luck Brought Us to Negosyo Fair 2017 Article Events Startup  Startup QBO Orbitrr Negosyo Fair 2017 Entrepreneur Business   Orbitrr

And of course we took a selfie with the said giant letters. From left to right, that’s me, Adria from QBO, and JP.

It was definitely a great day for us! We can’t thank QBO enough for the great booth space (and the attention hoarding letters). We’re definitely proud of our impromptu booth and thank our lucky stars that JP felt like stopping by that fateful June 23, Friday morning!

“Keep Hustling!”

Mari Martirez

The Operator! When he's not too busy being our Chief Operations Officer, you'll probably find him climbing a tree somewhere or eating excessive amounts of Marinara pasta.

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